Latest News »BSEC-URTA New full-fledged Member AMERIT hosted General Assembly
BSEC-URTA New full-fledged Member AMERIT hosted General Assembly

BSEC-URTA New full-fledged Member AMERIT hosted General Assembly

The 36th Meeting of the BSEC-URTA General Assembly was held in Skopje, North Macedonia on 18 October 2019.

Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of North Macedonia H.E. Goran Sugareski honored BSEC-URTA General Assembly by his participance. In his welcome speech he stated his full support of North Macedonia attendance in BSEC Permit System.

Mr. Yevgen Koziy, the Project Coordinator of BSEC Organization, expressed the hope for enlargement of the geographical coverage of the BSEC Permit System and underwrote initiative of North Macedonia. Mr. Koziy as well as the BSEC-URTA Secretariat conveyed their hope for the intense participation of BSEC country Ministries of transport to the Working Group on BSEC Permit System which will be held in BSEC PERMIS in Istanbul on 13 November 2019.

BSEC-URTA Secretariat expressed its high appreciation for the activity of Mr. Yevgen Koziy and thanked him for cooperation with the BSEC-URTA family during his terms of office at the BSEC PERMIS between 2001 and 2019.

Besides, BSEC-URTA General Assembly evaluated the progress on BSEC-URTA priorities and decided to continue work on such essential tasks as expanding and digitalizing the BSEC Permit.

BSEC-URTA also decided to continue and develop the activities of  Working Groups on Border Crossings and Insurance in 2020.

Also, TOBB-UND was granted BSEC-URTA Membership status as of 1 January 2020.

General Assembly agreed to hold its next meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece in Spring 2020.

Click here for the Agenda and here for the Decisions of the 36th Meeting of the BSEC-URTA General Assembly.


2020 Season's Greetings

2020 Season's Greetings

Activities of BSEC-URTA to the attention of Ministers of Foreign Affairs

On 13 December 2019 in Athens, Hellenic Republic the 41st Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of BSEC Member States was held

14th Meeting of the TRACECA Intergornmental commission

Mr. Adrian Albu took part in the 14th Meeting of the Intergovernmental commission TRACECA, held on 6 December 2019 in Baku, Azerbaijan

BSEC Permits are on the way to the hauliers

BSEC Secretary General H.E. Michael B. Christides thanked BSEC-URTA International Secretariat for the preparation of the BSEC Permit-2020