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On the Road to Digitalization of BSEC Permit

On the Road to Digitalization of BSEC Permit

Meeting of the BSEC Member States Participating in BSEC Permit System Project was held at the BSEC Headquarters in Istanbul on 13 November 2019. BSEC-URTA was represented by Secretary General Adrian Albu and Deputy Secretary General Alpdogan Kahraman on the meeting. 

After consultations among Member States it was decided to keep the 2019 quota for 2020. Besides, the number of BSEC permits rose to 800 for Armenia. Also, the decision to issue in 2020 additional permits in case of common will of the Member States was done. 

Representatives of all states participating the meeting warmly welcomed the declaration of intention of North Macedonian authorities and BSEC-URTA member AMERIT to be a part of BSEC Permit System. 

In order to move the idea of digitalization of BSEC Permit System to realization Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Turkey and TOBB took an initiative to start an e-PERMIT pilot project. Then Ministry of Transport of Moldova declared its willingness to support the project.  

Ukraine also made direct declaration of its intention to be a part of the project, that resulted in creation of Working Group consisting of Ministries of Transport, Customs and Controlling Authorities from Turkey-Ukraine-Moldova. Thus a corridor in which the digital BSEC permits can be easily used was established. The project is considered to be a pioneer and exemplary in international road transport. Positive consultations allowed the parties to agree to hold a meeting in the near future to determine a “road map”. 

IRU and BSEC-URTA reassured their full support to the project and working group’s studies.


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