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Informing of parliamentarians on the activities of BSEC-URTA

Informing of parliamentarians on the activities of BSEC-URTA

BSEC-URTA Secretary General, Mr. Adrian Albu, delivered his speech to PABSEC General Assembly, the 54th Meeting of which was held on 20-21 November 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria. For Agenda click here.

Mr. Albu described general situation on BSEC Permit System in 2020. He told that the 2019 quota was kept for 2020. Besides, the number of BSEC permits for Armenia rose from 500 to 800. Also, he informed about declaration of intention of North Macedonian authorities and BSEC-URTA member AMERIT to be a part of BSEC Permit System. Besides BSEC-URTA Secretary General highlighted the initiative of Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Turkey and TOBB to start an e-PERMIT pilot project and support of it by Ministry of Transport of Moldova and interest of Ukraine. This development is a key factor for establishment of a corridor in which the digital BSEC permits can be easily used.

Mr. Adrian Albu talked about facilitation of international transport needed for speedy flow of the goods through the borders and its tools such as e-TIR Pilot Project. He reported on Study Visit of representatives of Customs Authorities of the BSEC Member States, BSEC-URTA Member Associations, high representatives of UNECE, IRU and BSEC on the border crossing point (BCP) Kapıkule – Kapitan Andreevo on the Turkish-Bulgarian border on 27 May 2019 followed by a round table on 28 May 2019 which assessed the results of the site visit. Resolution of BSEC-URTA General Assembly meeting adopted on 28 May 2019 was disseminated to the BSEC Member States, EU, UNECE and IRU.

As an essential part of facilitation of international transport BSEC-URTA Secretary General also mentioned eVisas for professional drivers. He underlined that during the site visit at Kapikule-Kaptan Andreevo border crossing point and the round table meeting BSEC-URTA management with the Director of Sustainable Transport Division of UNECE, Mr. Li Yuwei, with the Secretary General of IRU, Mr. Umberto De Pretto, and with the BSEC Secretary General, Mr. Michael B. Christides, agreed that they will jointly follow the visa facilitation issue in parallel with its digitalization procedures.


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