Latest News »A Ro-Pax Line will work between Turkey and Romania
A Ro-Pax Line will work between Turkey and Romania

A Ro-Pax Line will work between Turkey and Romania

A Ro-Ro line between Turkey and Romania was established by "Sealines". The company informed BSEC-URTA about it.

The ship will work from Karasu (Sakarya) to Constanta (Romania) on a regular bases.

The operations will start from 15th April 2020 from Karasu to Constanza and 16th April 2020 from Constanza to Karasu.

The shipping company informed that trailers and full units will be carried without the driver.

Voyage day and time:


One-way trailer 450 € + 25 € Terminal cost

One-way Truck Full Unit 450 € + 25 € Terminal cost

Transit time: 12 hours (According to weather conditions)

Customs’ code of port in Romania: ROCT1900

Port name: Constanta Sud Agigea

Empty trailer: EURO 330 (Terminal & BAF Cost Included) – One-way

Empty full unit truck-trailer: EURO 375 (Terminal & Baf Included) – One-way

Mail address for reservations:

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