Latest News »“72 hours time limit” is revoked
“72 hours time limit” is revoked

“72 hours time limit” is revoked

By the circular of the Turkish Ministry of Interior dated 08.05.2020, “72 hours time limit” to leave Turkey, is canceled.

A request of international transporters to allow drivers to be boarded to Ro-Ro vessels was fulfilled by Turkish authorities. This permit covered a huge need for the Turkey-Ukraine and Turkey-Romania Ro-Ro line.

The official circular of the Ministry of Interior was put in force on 8 May 2020.

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In case of monitoring of different applications by Turkish authorities against the decisions of the order, please contact BSEC-URTA Secretariat through e-mailing or by using the BSEC-URTA survey.


The heartfelt condolences on the loss of BSEC-URTA co-founder Mr. Tofiq Nurullayev

We at BSEC-URTA are shocked by the loss of Mr. Tofig Nurullayev, Honorary President of ABADA.

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A new line from Iran to Kazakhstan and Russia enhancing regional trade networks

A regular line of RoRo ships from the northern ports of Iran to the ports of Kurik (Kazakhstan) and Olya (Russia ) and vice versa began to work