Latest News »BSEC-URTA is represented in the BRITA Board
BSEC-URTA is represented in the BRITA Board

BSEC-URTA is represented in the BRITA Board

The BRITA Board Meeting was held on June 19, 2020 online. BRITA announced its establishment formally and BSEC-URTA witnessed the event as the member of Board.

BRITA is becoming more and more mature international cooperation and exchange platform since its first round table meeting held in 2017. So far, there are 183 units intentionality from 42 countries and regions join the BRITA. 125 units from 41 countries and 58 units from China.

For the future BRITA plans the following steps:

  • to carry out the Belt and Road Youth Training project and “BRITA YOUTH 4 FUTURE” project;

  • to organize international mobile seminars (BRITS) and other conferences regularly. Cooperation research on the most advanced transportation technologies;

  • to give awards to projects or team. The fields include social,safety, project management, design, ecological and environmental protection, waste recycling, and intelligent application;

  • to provide the scholarships for overseas students to study for master's and doctor's degrees and share transport information;

  • to build three BRITA regional cooperation centers - the Asian, African and European regional cooperation centers - as bilateral transport exchange platforms, to encourage the participation of relevant research institutions and to share the outcomes of BRI with countries around the regional cooperation centers.


Digitalization of road transport in BSEC Region

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The Video-Meeting of the Steering Committee on Facilitation of Road Transport of Goods in the BSEC Region was held on 10 June 2020

Happy Ramadan!

Congratulations to all our muslim friends on Ramazan holiday!

“72 hours time limit” is revoked

By the circular of the Turkish Ministry of Interior dated 08.05.2020, “72 hours time limit” to leave Turkey, is canceled