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Ferry line opened between Ukraine and Romania

Ferry line opened between Ukraine and Romania

On the morning of 10 August 2020 the Orlivka-Isaccea ferry service began at the Ukrainian-Romanian border. The Ukrainian State Border Service press branch informed about it.

Border guards in the Izmail area are currently only registering freight vehicles. With the decision of the parties, only trucks can pass through the checkpoint at the moment.

The Orlivka - Isaccea ferry crossing, connecting Ukraine and Romania along the Danube River, was tested in September 2019.

In the result of the implementation of the project, which will provide direct access to the European Union from the south of the Odessa region, the distance is reduced by 200 km and an acceleration of 10-12 hours is expected in customs procedures.

The crossing is expected to open fully after the equipment of the Romanian customs and border services is finalized. It is assumed that four ferries will operate on the pass.

The crossing was built in the narrowest part of the Danube. The project cost is 12 million Euro and is financed by two private companies.

Customs’ code of port in Orlivka (Ukraine): UA 500420

Customs’ code of port in Isaccea (Romania ): ROGL8920

More information here and here.


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