BSEC-URTA Management Council Gathered to Evaluate the Effects of Ukraine crisis on the BSEC Region and its Supply Chains

BSEC-URTA Management Council was held online on 25th March 2022 with main topic; the Ukraine crisis and its effects on the Black Sea Region.
President Mr. Eduart Kasa, Deputy President Mrs. Olivera Miovska, Vice Presidents Mr. Fatih Şener and Mrs. Nino Chkheidze, General Secretary Mr. Mehmet Uylukçu, Deputy Secretary General Mr. Alpdogan Kahraman, BSEC-URTA Senior Advisor Mr. Adrian Albu, Mrs. Aslı Çalık representing BSEC-URTA Honorary Member TOBB were in the meeting to analyze the before and after crises international road transport itineraries, the new picture in the BSEC region with specific focus on the congested borders.

Management council after analyzing the crisis, the shifts of vehicle movement in the Black Sea Region, the new axis of global logistics corridors, the congested border crossing points in the BSEC region decided and ordered International Secretariat to;

  • Apply BSEC Secretariat for the call of liberalization of transportation modes for the Ukrainian transporters by the BSEC Ministry of Transports until the end of 2022,
  • Realize site visits to Georgian and Azerbaijan borders for the observed congestion in the borders with Russia,
  • Carry out official meetings with Georgian and Azerbaijan Authorities to strengthen the Middle Corridor.

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