Good News from Bulgaria, Solid Steps taken by Turkey and Bulgaria for the facilitation of transport and trade in the BSEC Region

The Turkish and Bulgarian Joint Committee Meeting on Road Transport was realized in Sofia on 24.02.2022, under the patronage of two deputy ministers from Bulgaria and Turkey, the Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications of Bulgaria, Mr. Stoyan Novakov, and the Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of Turkey, Mr. Selim Dursun.

The deputy ministers took important steps to contribute to trade and transportation between the two countries by increasing road transport permit quotas reciprocally and agreed to cooperate on actions aimed at facilitating cross-border traffic between Turkey and Bulgaria, through Kapıkule-Kapitan Andreevo and Hamzabeyli-Lesovo border crossing points as key border crossing points in the BSEC region, connecting European supply chains to Turkey and further to Asia.

The two delegations discussed other issues of common interest for BSEC transporters such as the removal of disinfection charges with a view to ensure cost-efficient road transportation between and in transit through the two countries.

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