The Key transit country of European Corridor 8: Albania hosted the 43rd General Assembly of BSEC-URTA 

The 43rd Meeting of the BSEC-URTA

General Assembly was held in Tirana on 19 April 2024. 

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania, H.E. Besart Kadia, the Deputy Secretary General of BSEC Organization, HE Ambassador Dimitrios Rallis, the President of IRU, Mr. Radu Dinescu, the Project Coordinator of BSEC Organization, Mr. Sergii Kravchenko, the representative of OECD, Mr. Cengiz Arikan honored the 43rd BSEC-URTAGeneral Assembly.

The BSEC-URTA General Assembly, in its 43rd Meeting;

Noted with appreciation the information Mr. Shota Algit provided on Albania’s transport system as a key transit country of European Road Corridor 8(Durres, Tirana, Skopje, Sofia, Varna, Constanza). 

Thanked IRU President, Mr. Radu Dinescu, and IRU Director, Mrs. Tatiana Ray-Bellet, for the information provided on the work of IRU concerning the digitalization of transport documents, eTIR, and eCMR being on the front line. 

Extremely concerned about the enormous waiting times in vital Border Crossing Points exceeding ten days in the border crossing points of Moldova, Romania, and Serbia.

Sincerely thanked UNECE Transport Division representative, Mr. Constantinos Alexopoulos, for the online participation in the Meeting and appreciated the information provided regarding the Implementation of Annex 11 to the TIR Convention concerning e-TIR and e-CMR Protocol and reiterated its request to the countries to implement e-TIR asap for the improvement of logistic chains.

Thanked OECD representative, Mr. Cengiz Arikan, for participating in the Meeting and appreciated the information provided regarding the main findings of the Report «Realising the Potential of the Middle Corridor Report.»

Presented its gratitude to Mr. George Carpusor, representative of DP World, for being a guest providing information and contributing to creating the Ro-Ro / Ro-Pax Line between Türkiye and Romania. Participants requested DP World to explore how to set up a new line from Georgia and Romania.

Thanked Seyir Mobile and Move-Expert for their presentations and highly developed services aimed to facilitate the operations of transporters.

Welcomed the Move-Expert as an observer member within the BSEC-URTA Family.

The 43rd General Assembly also witnessed a significant event: signature procedures officially started the cooperation Project between TOBB-UND, IRU, and BSEC-URTA. This cooperation is expected to facilitate road transporters’ operations greatly.

As BSEC-URTA International Secretariat, while we congratulate the newcomer to the BSEC-URTA family, Move-Expert, we sincerely thank ANALTIR President Mr. Eduart Kasa and his excellent team in ANALTIR for the wonderful organization and warm hospitality shown to BSEC-URTA and its esteemed guests. 

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