BSEC PERMIS and BSEC-URTA ended the summer

In parallel with the strong cooperation with the BSEC PERMIS and BSEC-URTA, two Secretary General of BSEC PERMIS and BSEC-URTA, H.E. Ambassador Mr. Lazar Comanescu and Mr. Mehmet Uylukcu, with the participation of Deputy Secretary General Ambassador Mr. Dimitrios Rallis, Project Coordinator Mr. Sergi Kravchenko, Deputy Secretary General Alpdogan Kahraman realized a meeting to evaluate the crucial issues on the logistics chains in the BSEC Region on 6th September 2022.

In the meeting, BSEC PERMIS and BSEC-URTA evaluated essential matters such as the 2023 quota and enlargement of the BSEC permit system, digitalization of international road transport documents, and the efforts of the BSEC-URTA digitalization working group, BSEC-URTA Erasmus projects. In the meeting, the BSEC-URTA delegation informed the current situation about the border crossings on the BSEC Border Crossing Points.

BSEC-URTA Secretary General presented the sincere gratitude of BSEC-URTA on behalf of its members to Mr. Comanescu for the participation and support of BSEC PERMIS at the 40th BSEC-URTA General Assembly and the transportation conference that will be realized in Thessaloniki, Greece on 6th and 7th October 2022.

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