BSEC-URTA was in the essential logistic country of the BSEC: Bulgaria

Thanks to the support of BSEC-URTA founding member AEBTRI, the BSEC-URTA Delegation composed of General Secretary Mehmet Uylukcu, Deputy Secretary General Alpdogan Kahraman, Senior Advisor Adrian Albu, IRU Permanent Delegate of Istanbul Erman Ereke realized a series of visits in Bulgaria.

On 12th September 2022, the BSEC-URTA delegation visited AEBTRI headed by the President Mr. Georgi Petarneychev, and discussed the forthcoming BSEC-URTA General Assembly, the road map for entry of Bulgaria into the BSEC Permit system, important IRU projects, and border crossing problems in the BSEC region.

AEBTRI and BSEC-URTA’s next visit was to  Mr. Lachezar Krastev, Deputy Director General of Bulgarian Agency  Customs BSEC-URTA delegation requested the support of Bulgarian Customs and Mr. Krastev, for increasing and improving the border crossings of Bulgaria and received important information about the improvements planned by Bulgaria to enhance border crossings.

The BSEC-URTA delegation also thanked Mr. Krastev for the support of Bulgaria to the BSEC transporters during the start of the war in Ukraine.

BSEC-URTA’s next visit was to its observer member SMP on 13th September 2022 in Plovdiv. The BSEC-URTA delegation was welcomed by the SMP’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Angel Trakov. The BSEC-URTA delegation presented the BSEC permit system and its importance for the BSEC region and requested the support of SMP.

Finally, BSEC-URTA met the representatives of the Chamber of the Bulgarian Road Hauliers in Sofia who recently applied to the International Secretariat for being a part of the BSEC-URTA family, and discussed the important projects in the BSEC region.

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