BSEC and BSEC-URTA are in full solidarity with Türkiye

The dramatic results of the earthquake in Türkiye continue.

According to the latest figures, the number of people who lost their lives is over 20.000 and those injured are over 80.000. 

But under these dark shadows, the solidarity and cooperation within the BSEC countries and BSEC-URTA shine and present a role model for the future.

The good within the bad.

BSEC-URTA Management Council took the decision to support Türkiye through its aid campaign.

The BSEC-URTA member SMP participated in the aid truck convoy organized by the Turkish Embassy, in Berlin, carrying the very first aid goods from Germany to Türkiye.    

The border crossing point between Türkiye and Armenia, closed for many years, opened for the Armenian truck convoy carrying aid material to Türkiye, for the victims of the earthquake.

Albania declared 13th February 2023 as the national day of mourning, and Albanian transporters became one of the first transporters who transported aid goods to the earthquake victims.

In the presence of the light shining in the dark, BSEC-URTA International Secretariat presents its gratitude to the BSEC PERMIS, BSEC-URTA Management Council, and BSEC-URTA Members, SMP, and its president Mr. Angel Trakov, for their exemplary solidarity.

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