Management Council designed the road map for more rebust logistics in the BSEC region for 2023

BSEC-URTA Management Council held its 58th meeting in Istanbul on 27 January in a hybrid format with full participation.

Management Council again discussed various significant issues affecting international road transport in the BSEC region and decided upon ways to improve international road transport, overcome the obstacles challenging it, to promote it in parallel of the facilitation and digitalization requirements of modern trade and transport.

Important headings from the decision of the Management Council;

To gather current information from the BSEC-URTA Members on the number of road transport operators within their structure and the total vehicle fleet through necessary studies for designating the existing structure and capabilities of the BSEC-URTA members,

To create a road map for further developing and expanding the BSEC Permit system in parallel with its digitalization during 2023 accomplishing these tasks in coordination and cooperation with BSEC-URTA Members Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, and Greece.

For digitalization projects of the BSEC permit and for the start of digitalization of road permits in the BSEC region, coordinating with the BSEC PERMIS to address international organizations for the possibility of setting up and funding a Project of the Member States which are parties of the BSEC Permit system for its digitalization.

To re-activate and strengthen the Border Crossing Working Party meetings to find solutions to the existing problems and share best examples in border crossing cooperation.

To design a promotional sticker showing the crucial importance of the road transport industry for society which to be carried by trucks and other road transport vehicles on their most visible parts.

To continue the meetings and projects of the BSEC-URTA Working Group on Digitalization and BSEC-URTA Erasmus Plus Projects for a more robust BSEC-URTA logistic chain.

Management Council decided to hold its 59th Meeting back to back with the 41st meeting of the BSEC-URTA General Assembly on a date that will be concretized with the communication through BSEC PERMIS and the host of the General Assembly, GIRCA.

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