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Turkey currently holds the prestigious term presidency of BSEC PERMIS, demonstrating its commitment to fostering progress within the region. The primary objectives under this presidency revolve around catalyzing the growth of startups and enhancing business development throughout the BSEC region.

In pursuit of these goals, BSEC-URTA recently paid a visit to Mr. Kemal Kaptaner, the Secretary General of BSEC BC, a figure poised to play a pivotal role in advancing trade within the region. This meeting provided an opportunity to discuss various initiatives, and it was particularly heartening to learn that the first event hosted by BSEC BC will focus on logistics, scheduled for the 24th of October, 2023. Remarkably, participation in this event will be possible online, and BSEC-URTA extends a warm invitation to all of its members to take part.

The overarching objectives of both BSEC BC and BSEC-URTA align harmoniously: to contribute significantly to the development of cooperation, trade, and transportation within the expansive BSEC region. In this spirit of collaboration, both delegations have solidified plans for future joint roadmaps, ensuring a promising trajectory for the region’s economic and logistical development.

The leadership teams of BSEC BC and BSEC-URTA are dedicated to these common goals, tirelessly working towards a more prosperous and interconnected BSEC world.
The President and Secretary General of BSEC BC will have the distinct honor of addressing the upcoming BSEC-URTA General Assembly. They will graciously present the insights and discoveries from the business community regarding logistics and the Middle corridor within the BSEC region to the esteemed members of BSEC-URTA during this gathering.

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