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In a pivotal meeting held on September 29, 2023, at the BSEC-PERMIS headquarters in Istanbul, Secretary General H.E. Lazar Comanescu, BSEC-URTA General Secretary Mehmet Uylukcu and BSEC PERMIS and BSEC-URTA teams came together to deliberate on crucial matters aimed at enhancing regional economic cooperation within the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC). The discussions focused on reinvigorating the Business Consul role in the BSEC region, the upcoming meeting in Baku, the importance of solid logistic chains linking the BSEC region to the Middle Corridor.

An essential agenda item was the resurgence of the Business Consul role within the BSEC after a prolonged period of dormancy. Secretary Generals Comanescu and Uylukcu emphasized the pivotal role this position could play in promoting trade and economic collaboration among member states. Strategies were discussed to actively engage the Business Consul actively, leveraging their expertise to foster robust business and trade relationships within the region.

The leaders also exchanged views regarding the upcoming BSEC meeting scheduled to be held in Baku. Recognizing Baku as a central hub for regional economic activities, the meeting was seen as a significant opportunity to strengthen ties and deepen cooperation, particularly in trade, transport, and energy. Discussions revolved around aligning agendas to maximize the outcomes of this important gathering.

The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to revitalizing the Business Consul role, maximizing the opportunities presented by the Baku meeting, harnessing the potential of the Alat Port and Economic Free Zone, and positioning BSEC as a beacon of economic collaboration along the Middle Corridor. The leaders expressed optimism about the future, emphasizing the organization’s crucial role in fostering regional prosperity and stability.

Secretary General Mehmet Uylukcu presented the appreciation of BSEC-URTA and, on behalf of its members for the strong participation of BSEC PERMIS to the BSEC-URTA General Assembly, honoring the 30th Anniversary of ABADA and BSEC-URTA’s site visit to the Alat Port and Economic Free Zone.

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