BSEC Permits 2024 Meeting held.

Meeting of the States Participating in the BSEC Permit System Realized on 1 November 2023 online.

BSEC-URTA, as a Sectoral Dialogue partner and IRU, as a guest, participated in the meeting among the esteemed representatives of countries participating in the BSEC Permit system.

As a result of the meetings, the countries agreed to keep the quota of the BSEC Permits as 5.000 samples for each Member State and 800 samples for Armenia. 

The vital transportation tool: The BSEC Permit is not only a facilitator of transportation backed by BSEC-URTA but also a sign of solidarity and cooperation among the member BSEC countries in international road transport in the BSEC region.

 In this regard, the expansion of the BSEC permit system geography by the countries that do not participate in the system yet, namely Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, and the Hellenic Republic, was one of the main themes widely discussed by the participants and strongly underlined by the BSEC-URTA delegation; President Eduart Kasa, Deputy President Olivera Miovska, Secretary General Mehmet Uylukcu, Senior Advisor Adrian Albu and Deputy Secretary General Alpdogan Kahraman.

Now, the task is on the BSEC-URTA International Secretariat to design, prepare, and deliver 40.800 samples of permits of 2024 to the BSEC PERMIS heartfully to contribute to international road transport in the BSEC region. 

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