BSEC-URTA Members Combine Forces to Promote Digitalization for Road Transportation in the region

The newly formed BSEC-URTA Digitalization Working Group realized its first meeting online on 29th March 2022.

The digitalization BSEC-URTA Working Group was created by the initiative of the BSEC-URTA Management Council to provide its members the necessary platform to discuss digital solutions for the transportation industry and the required digitalization transformation process for
BSEC transporters.

Under this mentality, BSEC-URTA members chose Mr. Ahmet Karakas (TOBB) as the president of the working group, based on his experience with electronic permits, eTIR, and eCMR.
During the meeting, BSEC-URTA member associations shared the digital trends and their experiences in their countries and regions.

Technological partner of TOBB-UND, GoSwift as a member of the working group realized a presentation focused on the digitalization of documents in the Multimodal transport context, evaluating the development and future interaction of transportation documents, which gave possible insights to convert CMR into electronic format.

The Working group decided to hold their meeting once a month and decided to invite;

TOBB, for a presentation on the experience of Turkey for the first trials between Turkey and Slovenia by eCMR,
UND, for a presentation on their Digitalization Working Group and their activities and their expectations of the data exchange agreements between Turkey and Georgia
AEBTRI and SMP for developments of digitalization in Bulgaria.

The Working group designated its priorities as;

  • eCMR
  • ePermit
  • eTIR
  • electronic driver visas
  • development of digital applications for the international road transporters

BSEC-URTA international secretariat congratulates its Working group and its new president Mr. Ahmet Karakaş, with the hope of developing digitals solutions for the international road transport in the BSEC region.

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