BSEC-URTA Working Party on Digitalization realized

BSEC-URTA Working Party on Digitalization, aiming to digitalize road transport documents, realized on 6th April 2023 online.

There was only one topic in the working party focusing on the ways to create Electronic-Road Permit in the BSEC region.

The meeting started with the opening speeches of BSEC-URTA President Mr. Eduart Kasa, Secretary General Mehmet Uylukcu, and Mr. Ahmet Karakas; TOBB, the President of the Working Party.

Mr. Sergii Kravchenko, Project Coordinator in BSEC PERMIS, responsible for the BSEC permits, realized a comprehensive presentation on the BSEC e-permit pilot project and reflected the BSEC PERMIS’s extraordinary efforts for implementing facilitation and digitalization in the BSEC region.

On behalf of the BSEC-URTA International Secretariat, Deputy Secretary General Alpdogan Kahraman presented BSEC-URTA’s efforts on the creation of digital road permits, the Union’s promoting activities that led to the creation of the e-permit, and BSEC-URTA’s future project to use of 50 digital BSEC road permit that can work bilaterally between the BSEC countries or in a common network.

Mr. Erman Ereke, IRU Istanbul General Delegate in his presentation, shared the support and efforts of IRU for the digitalization of transport documents and underlined that the current well-functioning TIR-EPD system can be a platform in which electronic road permits can be used by the countries.

Important notes from the meeting :

The Working Party also hosted a significant official for the development of digital road permits, Mr. Hasan BOZ; the Head of the International Relations Department, Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

Mr. Hasan Boz informed the Working Party about his Ministry’s efforts on the digitalization of the road permit, the latest stage of the trials between Türkiye and Uzbekistan,  and their efforts to combine eCMR and ePermit in one project.

BSEC-URTA President Mr. Eduart Kasa underlined the need for the evaluation of the entry of e-permit projects of the BSEC countries in the stage of entering the European Union.

Mr. Kravchenko emphasized that the One Stop Shop between Serbia and North Macedonia and eCMR convention signed by the both countries, signals that the e-permit trials can be developed in these two important BSEC countries.

Mr. Uylukcu underlined the outcome of the meeting and the roadmap for the BSEC e-permit as;

– Realizing a technical meeting with the participation of the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, TOBB, BSEC-URTA to reflect the experience of Turkish MoT from the trials between Türkiye and Uzbekistan into the BSEC e-permit system.

– Continuing BSEC-URTA studies to establish the platform that electronic BSEC permits will operate either by bilateral communication between the BSEC MoTs or by the BSEC-URTA network or the TIR-EPD.

– Holding a technical meeting with the IRU representatives evaluating the creation of the BSEC e-permit in accordance with the EU legislation

As BSEC-URTA International Secretariat, we present our sincere gratitude to Mr. Boz for his participation in our Working Party and for his efforts in the development of the electronic road permit. 

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