BSEC-URTA President was in Logistics and Transport Expo 2024, Hellenic Republic

Thessaloniki, one of the logistics pearls of the BSEC region, hosted a significant event, Logistics and Transport Expo 2024, on 12.04.2024.

The event was well prepared to bring neighboring countries, which regularly collaborate with the Northen and the rest of Greece in export trade and logistics, to plan an exhibition and conference event focusing on connecting and fostering partnerships among these countries, with Thessaloniki at the core center.

Many Transport and logistics companies, ports and forwarding companies, rail and road transport, warehouse equipment, lifting machines, racking and automation, IT, and commercial vehicles participated in the trade, demonstrating Greece’s logistic potential.

Moreover, various businesses from Greece and the Balkan countries, chambers of commerce, professional organizations, the government, and, of course, the esteemed members of the BSEC-URTA family have actively participated and presented their support for the event.

BSEC-URTA President Eduart Kasa was the keynote speaker of this critical event. Mr. Eduart Kasa thanked the organizers and, of course, OFAE. Mr. Kasa strongly underlined that Greece is an irreplaceable transit element of the BSEC region because of its connection to Europe and the Balkan areas.

Mr. Kasa proposed working together to strengthen the transit crossing of Greece by facilitating transit passages through policies or, most definitely, through Greece, becoming part of the BSEC permit system.

As BSEC-URTA International Secretariat, we sincerely thank OFAE for its extraordinary contribution to a crucial logistics event in the BSEC region.

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