BSEC-URTA Continues to be on the site:  Location Durres Port 

BSEC-URTA and its esteemed guests visited the Durres Port, a port giving regular ferry services from Durres to the important cities of Italy, Ancona, and Bari, on 18th April 2024

The delegation of BSEC-URTA was very well noted during the visit :

A well-organized port with advanced soft and hard infrastructure can significantly contribute to a country’s economy.

A port can provide whole logistic services from the Far East to BSEC and Europe, and advanced modes of transport can significantly enhance the logistics chain.

The European Union’s support for facilitating tariffs and lowering nontariff barriers is significant for its main trade partners from non-EU countries, as supporting logistics means supporting trade.

Port Tariffs and competitive terminal costs are essential for developing Motorways of the Sea.

On behalf of our BSEC-URTA International Secretariat and our guests, we thank Durres Port Authority for their services and hospitality and ANALTIR for organizing an eye-opening visit.

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