Celebrating the 30th BSEC Anniversary:
BSEC-URTA participated in the event organized by the Permanent Mission of Armenia to BSEC

The permanent mission of the Republic of Armenia to the Black Sea Economic Cooperation on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of the Permanent Mission Of Armenia to BSEC and the 30th Anniversary of BSEC realized an event, in which BSEC Secretary General Ambassador Lazar Comenescu and BSEC-URTA Deputy Secretary Mr. Alpdogan Kahraman participated.

BSEC Permis Secretary General Ambassador Lazar Comanescu realized a welcoming speech to the participants in the event. Mr. Comanescu in his speech welcomed Armenia for being an active member of the BSEC organization all throughout the foundation of the BSEC.

Mr. Comanescu expressed that since its establishment, BSEC became a culture of dialogue and understanding and created useful networks among state and private institutions, and also an important instrument for the promotion of the economic dialogue, cooperation, and coordination in the wider region of the Black Sea. Mr. Secretary General also emphasized that the current war in Ukraine affected all and clearly does not bode well for the objectives of the Organization and continued that every effort should therefore be made to find a solution to the current conflict, a solution fully compliant with the international law so that will allow all parties to normal work and objectives of the BSEC.

Finally, Mr. Comenescu thanked the organizers and supporters of the event and congratulated the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Armenia to BSEC on its jubilee.

BSEC-URTA Deputy Secretary General Mr. Alpdogan Kahraman presented the gratitude of BSEC-URTA to Mr. Sahak Sargsyan, the permanent representative of the Republic of Armenia to BSEC for the invitation of our Union to the event and for being an active member of the BSEC.

Mr. Kahraman and Mr. Sargsyan also discussed the need for the BSEC transporters of opening the border crossing point between Turkey and Armenia under the need for the new transit corridors in the BSEC region logistic chains.

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