Türkiye celebrated the 75th Anniversary of IRU in Istanbul.

In Istanbul, the BSEC-URTA family, with the esteemed representatives of the transport world, gathered at the Logitrans Exhibition to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of IRU.

The events were jointly hosted by IRU,TOBB-UND, and DFDS, in partnership with IRU members TOBB and UND, within Logitrans, Türkiye, and Eurasia’s most important logistics exhibition.

The anniversary was marked by significant events, including conferences on “Shaping a Bright Future for Trade and Transport around the Black Sea and Beyond” and “Better Border Crossing for Better Connectivity.”

During the event, the project called “IRU Trusted Trade Facilitation Network” was presented by Tatiana Rey-Bellet, the Director of TIR & Transit in IRU, and Mehmet Uylukcu, the General Director of TOBB-UND and Secretary General of BSEC-URTA, shared information about the partnership between IRU and TOBB-UND. The goal of this partnership is to simplify international transport by providing customs solutions.

The Turkish International transport and trade community, along with its guests from around the world, came together to witness the groundbreaking projects of IRU as new pioneers in the industry. These projects aim to bring a new dimension to the development of international road transport. During the event, the IRU charter was signed, pledging the commitment of international road transporters to stand with humanity during difficult times. The drivers who received the IRU Grand Prix d’honneur award for their bravery during challenging times were also celebrated and praised.

As the BSEC-URTA International Secretariat, we want to express our sincere gratitude to all the professionals from public, civil society organizations, and transporters who have come together to create a better world through transportation. We also wish IRU continued success in its service to humanity for many years to come.

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