BSEC-URTA participated in the Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas Workshop in one of the BSEC’s essential transit cities, Thessaloniki

Logistics and international road transport showed their vital importance in the current passing years of COVID by delivering essential goods and contributing to the continuation of trade and well-fare during regional crises, being alternatives to the ceased transport modes, during natural disasters, to carry relief goods to the suffering citizens all over the world.

International road transport drivers were at the heart of these developments, and one of the real heroes contributed to the continuation of the well-being of humanity.

In this regard, one of the significant projects and conferences aiming to contribute to the well-being of the BSEC drivers in the BSEC region was realized in Thessaloniki, and the BSEC-URTA team consisting of President Eduart Kasa, Deputy President Olivera Miovska and Deputy Secretary General Alpdogan Kahraman participated in this event.

By the initiative of OFAE and the organizer of the event, the Hellenic Institute of Transport, BSEC-URTA team participated in the workshop on the Project of Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPAs) in Goods Road Transport and their role in enhancing road safety and competitiveness of Goods Road Transport Industry.

The crucial figures gave strength to the meeting. The meeting was opened by the online welcoming and comments of Her Excellency Ms. Christina Alexopoulu, the Vice Minister of Infrastructure & Transport, Hellenic Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Ms. Georgia Ayfantopoulou, Research Director EKETA / IMET, Technical Coordinator SSTPAs in Greece, BSEC-URTA Vice President and President of OFAE, Mr. Apostolos Kenanidis, General Manager of OFAE and Vice President of Goods Transport Council Miss Iro Doumani, Research and Innovation Manager of IRU, Brussels Mr. Ted Zotos, Mr. Dirk Penasse, the General Manager of the ESPORG (Esporg European Secure Parking Organisation) and much more esteemed speakers from the participants of the projects contributed to the meeting.

The SSTPAs project aims to establish secure truck parking areas in Greece, which will be in service in 2024. BSEC-URTA will follow this vital project to share it with BSEC-URTA members and drivers, which is a massive need in the current Greek Highways.

During BSEC-URTA’s intervention in the workshop, the BSEC-URTA delegation underlined the vital importance of international road transport drivers in the current global economy and thanked the project organizers for contributing to the well-being of the BSEC drivers. BSEC-URTA requested secure truck parking areas to be opened in the Greek border crossing points where there are queues and asked for the application of digitalization and One Stop Concept to be included in the projects, underlining the importance of entry of Greece into the BSEC permit system that will strengthen the transit usage of Greece in the logistic axis. 

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