UND and ABADA . Good Example of Cooperation within BSEC-URTA

UND became the first guest of ABADA in its new office in Baku. The meeting was held on 9 and 10 September 2021.

BSEC-URTA gives special emphasis on building channels of dialogue and cooperation of its members.

Within this framework promoting collaboration plays a major role to coordinate efforts by and influence of its Member Associations. Two BSEC-URTA founder Associations’ meeting for cooperation, capacity building and benchmarking, was sincerely welcomed by BSEC-URTA.

Under the leadership of UND and ABADA Presidents Chetin Nuhoglu and Khabib Hasanov, representatives of the two associations gathered at the ABADA headquarters in Baku to conduct comparative research between the two associations, develop models for the exchange of statistical data of the associations, discuss cooperation between educational centers of national unions of Turkey and Azerbaijan, make a comparative analysis and lay basis for capacity building.

The Associations decided the continuation of activities of the bilateral working groups for sharing experience and enhancing the structure of the organizations.

Representatives of Associations also discussed the possibility of the acceptance of the BSEC Permit System by Azerbaijan. Positive attitude of ABADA to the BSEC permit was one of the good outcomes of the meeting as the expantion the BSEC Permit to Azerbaijan adds fresh air to the system in whole and supplies an important transit link of Central Asia.

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