20th Anniversary of BSEC-URTA

Twenty years ago the founding members of BSEC-URTA had the right vision – “common solutions to common problems” – in order to better accommodate the new realities of the region for the benefit of all.

Looking at the achievements of BSEC-URTA since its foundation in Antalya on 24 October 2001, we have to be pleased and proud that with the strong support and commitment of the members and observers of BSEC-URTA, of IRU and BSEC we created a credible organization able to achieve the appropriate cooperation and partnerships in the interest of the region.

During its twenty years of activity, the successful chairmanship of BSEC-URTA fully supported by the Member Associations, in exemplary and remarkable coordination with IRU and cooperation with BSEC’s various bodies, have registered successes (Black Sea Ring Highway Truck Caravan, BSEC Permit Project, first ever issued and recognized International Vehicle Weight Certificate under UNECE Harmonization Convention) but sometimes bottlenecks, too (unimplemented BSEC Agreement on the Simplification of Visa Procedures for Professional Drivers, long waiting times at borders, safety and security of drivers and cargos, drivers shortage).

But the biggest achievements of BSEC-URTA are, we believe not only the solidarity which exists but the ability of all BSEC-URTA members to work in a true partnership to promote all decisions taken vis-à-vis the BSEC bodies at the highest-level and vis-à-vis their governments.

In its 20 years of activity BSEC-URTA has not only been one organization amongst many, but by working day after day, hand in hand with the BSEC International Secretariat, with IRU and with various governments of the region has contributed to improving the daily life of peoples by effectively facilitating trade and international road transport in the BSEC region and beyond.

Looking to the future, and looking also at what has been achieved over the last twenty years when the world went from crisis to crisis, we are certain that BSEC-URTA has cumulated enough experience and success to be well equipped to continue – also in difficult times – its activities and cooperation with the governments of the region under the BSEC Organization umbrella.

We know that our next decades will be filled with even more challenges and difficult times. But we also know that by working together we will still find the best ways to overcome them as much as possible.

We thank BSEC organization for counting on us, for listening to us and for respecting us as serious, professional and true regional partner to develop and further facilitate road transport in the BSEC region.

We thank IRU for its continuous support and guidance since the foundation of BSEC-URTA.

We wish BSEC-URTA members and observers and their members the road transport operators of the region much more success in the years to come.

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