Worldwide Recognition of the Success of BSEC-URTA Representatives

Representatives from the BSEC-URTA family have been re-elected to IRU top management and for following 3 years will occupy the posts that are essential for the enhancement of international road transport.

Radu Dinescu, UNTRR, Romania, was re-elected as IRU President with term-of-office beginning with 1 January 2022 and continuing up to the end of 2024. Also, Asli Çalik, TOBB, Turkey was re-elected as IRU Vice President and IRU President of the Goods Transport Council.

Besides, Iro Doumani, OFAE, Greece, received her position as the Vice President of Goods Transport Council.

On behalf of BSEC-URTA family, we congratulate the new leadership of IRU and BSEC-URTA representatives in their renewed posts in the International Road Transport Union.

Click here to check the news on IRU web-site.

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