Management Council Evaluated progress on priorities in 2021 and Established the Road Map for 2022.

The 55th meeting of the BSEC-URTA Management Council was held online on 28 January 2022.

The Council reviewed and analyzed the progress of BSEC-URTA priorities during 2021 and welcomed the positive results achieved on the increase of the BSEC permits, ongoing digitalization steps taken on the permits, and CMR, the outcome of the working party on Border Crossing problems.

Management Council discussed and approved the short term priority activities in 2022 as enlargement of the BSEC Permit System, coverage, increase of the Quota 2023, and its move towards digitalization, facilitation of visa procedures for professional drivers nationals of BSEC Member States, implementation of safe and secure parking slots at border crossing points along main road corridors connecting BSEC member states with the European Union and activation of the commercial structure of BSEC-URTA.

After evaluating the proposal of Secretary-General Mr. Mehmet Uylukcu, Management Council approved the formation of Ad hoc Working Parties of BSEC-URTA dedicated to the achievement of the short-term priorities for 2022. The first BSEC-URTA Working Party will be on the digitalization of international road transport in the BSEC region.

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