IRU Confirms Its Key Role In Supporting International Road Transport and Human Life

Upon the launch of Russia’s military action against Ukraine, hundreds of professional truck, bus, and coach drivers have been stuck in various locations in and at the borders of the country.

As seen with COVID restrictions, blocked drivers are once again facing poor facilities, security threats, and lack of food, water and sanitary facilities.

IRU understands that authorities, including the European Commission and some EU member states, have signalled support for visa and permit waivers for some drivers. Nevertheless, much more needs to be done and greater clarity is needed.

IRU therefore calls on all relevant authorities in the region to:

  • Temporarily waive visa and permit requirements or rapidly provide transit visas, for commercial drivers of all nationalities attempting to return home via alternative routes
  • Ensure rapid border passage for commercial vehicles
  • Temporarily waive driving, rest, or working time rules for returning drivers if needed
  • Provide humanitarian facilities for stranded drivers.

It was gladly observed that the call from the IRU was responded by all BSEC countries in a positive manner. The constructive attitude revealed by BSEC-URTA members and member countries through providing assistance for transporters facing serious difficulties and risks under wartime conditions and facilitating re-routing for those who were forced to change itineraries represents another historic lesson for humanity.

IRU continues to monitor the situation on the ground closely with its member associations to support the many transport operators and drivers caught up in the crisis

IRU Ukraine Crisis Information Hub

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