Welcome to the family, THADA

Turkmenistan is an essential transit logistics country because of its critical role in the Central Asia and Middle Corridor, its investments in transport and customs infrastructure, and the direction taken to strengthen the facilitation of international road transport.

The recent successes of Turkmenistan are solid developments realized on e-TIR, green lanes in its borders, and, of course, their efforts to create the first-ever logistics day gifted to society on 26th November, World Sustainable Transport  Day.In parallel with these developments, BSEC-URTA is having the honor of THADA in the BSEC-URTA family as an Observer Member by the decision of the BSEC-URTA 42nd General Assembly in Baku.Since 1996, THADA has joined the International Road Transport Union (IRU) as an active member, as well as the national guaranteeing Association and issuing Association of the TIR system in Turkmenistan.The Association assists in developing international road freight transportation in the country, contributes to developing recommendations, proposals, and the country’s regulatory framework for developing this transportation, and represents the interests of national carriers in government bodies and international organizations. At the moment, the Association includes more than 50 transport members.

THADA’s chairman is Bekmyrat Eyeberdiyev, a well-known figure in the sector; his extraordinary career started in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, then in the Ministry of Nature Protection, the Ministry of Transport, and Chairman of THADA in 2011.

Welcome to the family, THADA.

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