Celebrating the 30 years of the BSEC: BSEC-URTA was in Athens

The 12th International Black Sea Symposium was organized by the International Center for Black Sea Studies on 22 November 2022 in Athens.

Among the respected figures of the BSEC, H.E. Ambassador Mr. Comanescu as keynote speaker, Former Secretary General of the BSEC PERMIS, H.E. Ambassador Mr. Christides as a speaker, BSEC-URTA was also invited to the event on the special session to make a presentation under the topic of “Milestones and Good Practices of Regional Cooperation” from the BSEC-URTA and international road perspective.

Mr. Alpdogan Kahraman, participating in the event on behalf of BSEC-URTA, realized a presentation underlining the successful cooperation with BSEC PERMIS since BSEC-URTA’s establishment and shared the successful projects between the Secretariats as BSEC permit, the synergy created by the Working groups of the two organizations.

BSEC-URTA reiterated its call for one of the solid logistic powers of the BSEC region: the Hellenic Republic to be a member of the BSEC permit project and invite the necessary authorities to strengthen the Kipi – Ipsala border crossing point. 

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